A native of Omaha, Mitchell grew up surrounded by creativity. His father is a professional photographer and his mother is a writer. His father, mother and stepfather have consistently fostered in him a deep work ethic and desire to pursue his passions. From the very beginning, Mitchell knew he wanted to pursue a career in the arts. He naturally fell in love with film, in large part because his grandfather is an avid movie fan with a massive collection of DVDs. As a young kid, Mitchell would use his family's home video camera to make short videos and sketches with his friends. Mitchell became serious about filmmaking in his junior year of high school, when he received a Second Place award in a student film competition hosted by the Omaha Film Festival. This achievement further fueled his desire to make a career of the medium and pursue a higher education at the university level. In college he has worked on many student film sets and numerous professional film sets in the Omaha/Lincoln area, including shows produced by Disney+, Facebook Watch, and more. Mitchell’s films have gone on to compete in film festivals in the Midwest. His film When You’ve Finished Recording was nominated in five categories at the Central States Indie Film Fest, including Best Director: Central States Film, Best Student Film, Best Actress in a Leading Role, Best Cinematography, and Best Central States Film. The film also was an official selection in the Independent Talents International Film Festival.
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